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Sheffield Football Club


Sheffield Football Club, in Sheffield, England (in the middle of England, about 63 miles east of Liverpool) is the oldest documented non-university club, founded in 1857.  It initially played a code of its own devising.  The club was one of the first to join the new English Football Association (FA) in 1863 and is recognized by both the FA and FIFA as the world's oldest club now playing association football.  The club's rules influenced the FA including handball, free kicks, corners and throw ins.


The club's stadium Bright Finance Stadium, built in 2001 is the club's first permanent home, with a capacity of 2,089 (yes two thousand, not 20,000), small by American standards but pretty good by UK standards for a local club.  Sheffield's first match in their new facilities was an exhibition match against Manchester United.


Contributed by Miles Ball