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Now is the time to become a USSF soccer referee!

There will be an USSF Grade 8 entry level referee class the weekend of August 23-25th in Mobile, AL.

You can complete the majority of the class on-line with classroom time now decreased to 8 hours (from 20).

The classroom portion of the certification will be held at St Paul's High School from 6-9 pm Friday, August 23rd and 8am to 1pm on Sunday, August 25th.

To Sign Up:

Please see this website for specific instructions on how to register for the class and to complete the on-line portion of the class BEFORE you attend on Friday.

Start at step 3.

We MUST have 10 or more people attend or the class will be rescheduled so bring your friends and neighbors.

Contact Dale Vines or Coral Gubler if you will be attending.

PLEASE go to the web site BEFORE you email us with questions about how to register, how to pay, how to take the online class, etc.

It is spelled out on the state web site too

Cost is $60 online and $50 at clinic.

Thanks and see you on 8-23-13.

Coral and Dale