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     What is a Soccer Club? 

Most of us think of a “club” from their childhood, of something to join with their friends. A soccer club is much the same, a group of people, typically parents, come together to help in their children’s soccer development and have some fun. They realize more can be accomplished in a group than as an individual so they establish a formal organization with Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws to have a frame work to operate their club.
Mobile Soccer Club (MSC) is just that, a club. In 1998 a group of Mobile parents said, “hey let’s form a club for our children with teams and play in the state leagues”. Those children are now grown and many have moved on, some are still around supporting soccer in Mobile and their former club and to them we say thank you.
MSC is not a for profit company, it’s a 501c(3) non-profit club to develop players and promote soccer in the Mobile area. Yes, a few people are paid like the Director of Coaching and the team coaches, the pay is not much; most coaches do it mainly for the love of the game. Volunteer parents like you do the majority of the work at no pay. The elected volunteer Board manages the overall direction of the club; the day-to-day operations are managed and conducted by team managers and volunteer parents. Without these unpaid dedicated volunteers the club could not operate and would not exist.
 The club has Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws that act as the foundation. The Board manages the club for the benefit of its members (the players & parents) using common sense, what’s in the best interest of the players, club and the By-Laws as its guide.
Players and parents come and go but your club will continue as new players become interested in the sport and new parents step forward to help the children with their dreams. As with any club there will be problems and hills to climb but together we will reach the summit and one day be the parents that use to be the “club”. Through the dedicated parents efforts over time the club grows and becomes better, for that we as a club say thanks and look forward to seeing you on the pitch!